Sleep Science Reviews: “Tree of Light” Bedside Lamp

It has been well established that the quality and length of sleep are factors closely linked to the sleeping environment. Indeed, an ideal environment should respect certain precise canons: 

  • The sleeping room should be decluttered.  
  • Light exposure should be reduced. 
  • To facilitate the process of falling asleep, objects in your bedroom should remind you of sleeping routines. 
  • The environment is more sleep-friendly if the outside noises are covered using a white noise machine.  
  • The scent is also essential, and you may think about using scandent candles or air fresheners. 
  • Choose a relaxing tint for your bedroom walls. 

In the following article, we will be reviewing Amazon’s “Tree of Light” Bedside Lamp, and we will also show how some of the tips listed above can be easily achieved using this product.  

The name refers to the famous Tree of Life – a fundamental archetype in many mythological, religious, and philosophical traditions throughout the globe. Indeed, the black base is connected to the upper part by a structure shaping a tree.  

In terms of aesthetics, the Tree of Light appears to be an exquisite product in which the various technological features are well hidden and discreet. The package in which the lamp is sold is also very sophisticated and not trivial, characterised by a simple but attractive design, on which we find descriptions in glossy black on matte black.

Unfortunately, the apparent elegance is shattered when we touch the materials with which this product is constructed. Essentially it is plastic which, although of good quality, makes the product less valuable and stylish. The only wooden part is the one surrounding the top of the lamp. This layer is fragile, and I’m afraid it could easily break with a simple fall! 

Its many inconspicuous features are: 

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Wireless Charging Pad.
  • LED light whose brightness can be precisely controlled.
  • Night mode for gradually decreasing the brightness of the LED lamp until it switches off (in 30 minutes). 

As mentioned above, some of the functions of the Tree of Light have the potential to help us achieve an ideal sleeping environment. Let’s see how.  

More on the “Tree of Light” Bedside Lamp

What you can see right away is that the features of this lamp are carefully hidden. The product can appear as a simple lamp and generate wonder when the other functions are shown.
In the following sections, well go through each features capabilities one by one. 

When using the lamp, the first thing to do is connect it to the power outlet using the charger supplied in the pack.

Bluetooth Speaker 

To start using it, it is only necessary to: 

  • Enable your device Bluetooth.
  • Search for “HOMETREE” among the list of available Bluetooth devices.
  • Connect to it. 

Once you have connected your smartphone (or any other Bluetooth device capable of playing audio files), you can control the playback of tracks using the buttons on top of the product.  

There is only one physical button on the top of the lamp. The other two are touch buttons and only become visible when the lamp is on. The physical button has a play/stop function. The other two can be used both to scroll through songs and control the speakers volume.

In general, I consider touch keys to be exquisite and sophisticated. Unfortunately, they are not very visible when the lamp is placed near another light source or in a well-lit room. This problem, of course, does not arise when the lamp is used at night or in a softly lit room. 
The quality of reproduction is excellent. 

This speaker is based on 360ᵒ sound technology. This innovation has replaced the old stereo technology and can propagate sound evenly throughout the room. In contrast, the old technology was based on directional sound propagation and could not guarantee homogeneous sound diffusion.
Being a bedside lamp, I tested it to play audiobooks and podcasts. I also tried to use it as a white noise machine. This function can improve our sleep routines, giving us the possibility to implement our overall sleep. Indeed, many people point out that the habits (e.g., reading, listening to the radio, meditating, breathing exercises, etc.) that precede their falling asleep greatly facilitate the sleeping process. 

About the playback of audiobooks and podcasts, I can affirm that the audio quality was excellentFurthermore, controlling the volume and chapters without using the smartphone made it much easier for me to respect the rule of limiting the use of blue light-emitting devices, and so, to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the experience with Bluetooth has not been entirely positive. The length within which the connection is stable is not very long. In addition, I have experienced spontaneous disconnections and sometimes complete connection rejectionsThis is an issue that can be undoubtedly improved! 

The most interesting sleep-related function of this speaker is the white noise machineNot everyone is aware of what white noise is. In easy words, white noise is every audible frequency played in a random sequence with the same intensityNotably, several studies have shown white noise to assist infants and young children fall asleep faster. Compared to individuals who do not use one, a white noise machine may cut the time it takes to fall asleep by almost 40%.

The procedure I used was very satisfactory. When my usual bedtime came, I went into my bedroom, connected my smartphone to the speaker, and played a video on YouTube.

In the meantime, I wore my pyjamas and got into bed. The sound permeated the room entirely and covered the sounds coming from the street and those produced by the voices of my roommates who were still busy eating in the dining room (and which I can usually hear very clearly from my room). Using the speaker as a white noise machine resulted in a shorter time to fall asleep and a longerlasting sleep. This feature made me very satisfied with the Tree of Light lamp.

Wireless Charging Pad

This feature ties in very well with having a bedroom as free of unnecessary objects as possible. Indeed, by having a lamp with a wireless charger, we can avoid filling our sleeping space with a thousand cables, chargers, and similar objects.

This function works effortlessly: 

  1. You enable your smartphone’s wireless charging function, 
  2. You place the device on the white circle right under the tree, 
  3. The battery starts to be charged, and the indicator light change from yellow into ice blue. 

Note that only some phones are built with this function! In particular, iPhone 12, X, 8 or 8 plus, Airpods Pro, Galaxy Note 20, S10, Google Pixel 3 and later, and all other Qi-enabled devices.  

Light and Night Mode

LED bulbs generate the light provided by the lamp. The stylish touch button panel easily controls the brightness of the lamp. This function allows you to effectively manage the luminosity and adapt it to the surrounding conditions.

About sleep, I was interested in trying out the Night Mode. This mode is activated by continuously pressing the touch button for 3 seconds. Once this mode is active, it ensures a gradual decrease in the brightness of the lamp and the switching off within 30 minutes.

Using the product, I verified that this mode is handy for two categories of people. First of all, the lazy ones, i.e., those who, once they get into bed, do not feel like getting up or struggling to turn off the light. Secondly and most important, those who suffer from phobias related to the fear of the dark (technically known as acluophobia and nyctophobia). In this way, children will be able to fall asleep with the light still on, and it will slowly decrease in intensity until it goes out completely. In this way, their sleep will not be disturbed during the night by the presence of light, and they can enjoy the darkness that a good night’s sleep requires.

The manufacture is of excellent quality.  The material is essentially plastic. 
The look is stylish and elegant.  The only layer of wood is thin and looks fragile. 
The features are all well-hidden.  The touch buttons are not precise and accurate. 
It is easy to use.  The light emitted is blue light which can negatively impact sleep.  
Inbuilt 360ᵒ speaker.    The Bluetooth has a short-range action. 


Considering the various features that this product can boast and the care with which it has been built, the price (119£) seems adequate. By the way, think of the cost of a good quality 360° and 20-watt speaker (75£), a wireless charger (17£) and a lamp (30£). Their prices alone would exceed the cost of this lamp. In addition, the great advantage of this object is the possibility to have all these functions well hidden, allowing you to declutter your bedroom, maintaining a high level of elegance.

Review Summary

If you are looking for a product that is not too expensive and can accompany you peacefully to sleep, Tree of Light is the lamp for you. It provides an elegant and uncluttered environment with soft, easily controllable lighting and an excellent speaker that can be used both as a music speaker and a white noise machine. It is currently being sold on Amazon, so purchase it now and revamp your bedroom experience.