Sleep Science Reviews: The Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag

The Feather and Down ‘Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag’ on Amazon is a great budget gift for yourself or a friend. It’s nicely packaged, contains no less than four items, and the bag itself is a cute makeup bag or travel bag after the products have been used.  

Price: 8/10 

Appearance: 9/10 

Effectiveness: 6/10 

Overall Value: 8/10  

First Impressions 

You can order the Feather And Down Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag on Amazon UK. I ordered it and was pleased to know that it came well packaged and with nothing damaged inside.  

Before opening the pack you can quite clearly see that it is a pamper product. The dark blue and gold branding and a sprinkling of stars make you think of a clear night sky, and hopefully drifting off for a great night’s sleep.  

I have to say, at this stage, I definitely feel as though the contents of the bag are going to impress me. The bag feels really thick and luxurious and reminds me of expensive hotel pillows. I really love the gold feather zip and feather side hangtag, which all feel really detailed and high-quality for the price.  

The packaging tells me that there are four products in the bag – a sleep mask, something called sleep balm, a pillow spray and shower cream. At this stage, I am unsure how this all works together but I can’t wait to find out.  

Inside The Bag – First Impressions 


The mask looks nice because it is dark blue with gold stars as the rest of the packaging. I think, if you ordered just this mask and the bag together, it would make a nice gift alone for the price, based on how pretty they look.   

The strap of the mask is crinkled/ ruffled and the eye mask section is padded. When feeling the mask properly, this is when the budget aspect of the product starts to become apparent to me.  

You can feel the squeaky padding inside the eye mask which is about half a centimetre thick, and the strap is actually quite tight on my head when I put it on.  


The balm is in a small gold pot about the size of a pot of lip balm and the overall look isn’t very luxurious, but then this product doesn’t come into a luxury price band so it’s not a huge disappointment or surprise.  

The balm says chamomile and lavender essential oils, and that it is multipurpose, but the purpose of the balm isn’t clear to me just on looking at the pot, so I will refer to the pack for directions when I go to use it later.  

When I open the pot and smell the balm, it smells sweet but not too strong, a little bit like a waft of somebody’s perfume rather than a herbal or spa-like scent like I expected. I’m not a big fan of the smell but I will trust the science behind the essential oils used in the product.  


The spray is in a 50ml bottle which is travel-sized and it feels nice and light to hold.  

Like the balm, the Feather and Down pillow spray also says it has lavender and chamomile in it. I spray a bit and although it smells a bit nicer than the balm, it still smells really strong and perfumey rather than herbal or spa-like, which again doesn’t scream ‘relaxing’ at me. Combined with the balm, at this stage I am unsure this would be nice to smell when I go to bed and I really feel hesitant to pop it on my pillow.  

Shower Cream 

The shower cream is 50ml in size and looks like a free hotel sample. It also contains chamomile and lavender but it smells slightly different to the other products. 

It almost smells more masculine and strong than the other items, but still not particularly pleasant.  

It says it is a melting shower cream which suggests that it will melt into my skin and leave this scent behind, which then benefits your sleep. I haven’t ever thought of a shower cream being something for a nighttime routine so this is new and quite a novelty to me.  

My overall first impressions just from looking at, feeling and smell the products are of hesitancy. All of the products say sweet dreams on them which suggest that the entire design is for this nighttime regime. However, the smell and overall look of everything feels kind of cheap and the smell is so strong I don’t feel I want it around me when I go to bed but, this is where I have to trust the process and the science behind the oils used.  

Trying The Feather & Down Sleeping Bag Products 

The Feather & Down Sleeping Bag packaging is a piece of card with branding, ingredients list and instructions that sits as a sleeve around the bag.  

The instructions section gave instructions for each product individually, so I chose to have an evening shower with the shower cream, then use the pillow spray, balm and mask when I went to bed.  

First was the Feather & Down shower cream which had a smooth, light consistency. I just rubbed an amount the size of 50 pence onto wet skin as instructed and the smell wasn’t super strong, which I was pleased about. It just felt like a slightly perfumey shower product with a nice, silky feel.  

Once I rinsed and dried off I was worried the scent might stay on my skin in an overpowering way but it didn’t, in fact, it didn’t really stay on my skin at all. I wonder if the idea is to encourage a shower before bedtime for relaxation, and the nice creamy product and essential oil smells make it feel like more of a bedtime ‘event’.  

I then got ready for bed and sprayed the Feather & Down pillow spray (about three spritzes) onto my pillow to let it dry off a bit before I lay down.  

I used the balm after putting my PJ’s on and it felt quite nice. It is really silky and smooth to put on, and the act of rubbing my wrists (the packaging advises using it on pulse points) feels quite relaxing in itself.  

The mask goes on and as I expected, even though it does block out all of the light, the band is tight to my head and it isn’t comfortable. 

I do feel relaxed from the hot shower, massaging the cream and the rubbing of the balm on my wrists, but the smell and the mask combined are actually keeping me awake in the end.  

Eventually, I ditch the mask and switch my pillow (I have to put the sprayed one outside the room) and use another fresh pillow. The mask is too tight and the smell of the spray is too much like perfume or a perfumed house product, rather than a nice relaxing smell.  

The Next Morning… 

The next morning the scent of the products is still lingering. Overall they are overpowering and I don’t feel I had a better nights sleep because of the oils or the scent. I did, however, as the little nightly routine suggested and I will be having hot showers before bedtime now, with a little luxury shower cream, plus perhaps some moisturising before bed to emulate the balm massage on the wrists. I think if you like the smell of the products the scent and the different regime actions suggested like the balm massage and the shower make for a really great bedtime combination.  

How Does Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag Match Up To Similar Products?  

The main competitor for Feather & Down is This Works, a market leader in pillow spray and sleep products. This Works offer a deep sleep pillow spray that is highly popular and uses lavender, camomile and vetivert to soothe you to sleep. This Works is priced at between £15 and £20 for the pillow spray alone though and that same price gets you the full Feather & Down bag and products within it, so value-wise, Feather & Down wins.  

Another competitor is The Sanctuary who offer a pillow spray, which can be part of a Bedtime Heroes Wellness Gift which contains pillow spray and a warming muscle rub balm for around £10. This kit is similar to the Feather & Down bag because it suggests a nighttime routine, which is really helpful and beneficial to sleep quality. It encourages you to wind down.  

The Sanctuary also has magnesium de-stress bath salts which, if added to their wellness gift, would match the Feather & Down bag for value. It could be a line to consider if you are on a budget but didn’t like the smell of the Feather & Down Kit.  

The Science Behind The Feather & Down Ingredients 

The hero ingredients of the Feather & Down products are camomile and lavender.  

Scientific studies tell us that lavender could be effective in lowering anxiety, aggressiveness and feelings of depression. One animal study even showed the smell of lavender could be compared to diazepam in its effects.  

The type of lavender used, though, has a big impact on how it smells, and the effects that it has. French lavender is great for relaxation but it is also more of an antiseptic, an insect repellant and aroma, but it is best to be avoided by pregnant women in early pregnancy, and by people with epilepsy which means it may not necessarily appear in many commercial products. English Lavender aids relaxation and lowering stress, and it also works really well in cooking and is thought to be sweeter in its smell. This is the lavender used in Feather & Down products listed as ‘lavender Angustifolia.  

The quality of the lavender used, however, is unknown and it appears low on the list of ingredients, with perfume being the third listed ingredient. This may explain why the scent smells quite perfumey and faux because the lavender content isn’t very high.  

When it comes to the scent of chamomile it also has scientific backing for its relaxing, anti-anxiety properties. One study found that using the oil for therapy lowered anxiety and boosted good feelings in the morning. Another more general study found chamomile to be effective in lowering the symptoms of anxiety. The chamomile ‘anthemis nobilis flower oil’ in the Feather & Down products does sit low down on the ingredients list like the lavender though, so how impactful it is in combination with other ingredients is questionable.  

Overall, the inclusion of chamomile and lavender in the sleep products makes sense. However, the amount in which they are used isn’t vast, so it might be that the overall smell of the perfume and the suggested sleep care are what makes this product effective for some people.  

What About The Other Feather & Down Sleeping Bag Ingredients?  

As well as the leading ingredients of chamomile and lavender, the products in the Feather & Down gift set also have some other ingredients worth thinking about when you buy the kit.  

  • Isopropyl Myristate: A safe emollient for the skin designed to lock in moisture, and help skincare ingredients penetrate the skin. Potential downsides include sensitivity and clogging of the pores. It is listed as the first ingredient which means it makes up the highest percentage of the product.  
  • Isohexadecane: Prevents moisture being lost and boosts the cleansing nature of the product. Potential downsides include sensitivity and allergy to the ingredient in some people. 
  • Coumarin: A naturally occurring solid that produces a sweet vanilla odour. There are some concerns the product can cause toxicity issues when ingested, but there are no studies that suggest this is a concern when used topically.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: A type of vitamin E that can boost skin health, but can also potentially cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity when applied to the skin. 
  • Linalool: Generally added to products because of its sweet smell, linalool can cause some people to have a localised allergic reaction when it is applied.  

The product has passed all necessary safety checks and is marketed as such. However, based on the ingredients that could potentially cause sensitivity it may be that you don’t give the product to a friend who you know has sensitive skin.  

On the upside, the product is packed full of really great natural extras such as:  

  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Boosts skin hydration and helps protect against free-radicals.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturising and able to improve complexion and skin tone.
  • Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil: Otherwise known as argan oil, this ingredient can moisturise the skin and help to boost skin elasticity, scar appearance and protect against free-radicals.  

The product overall contains more natural ingredients than many sleep and beauty products on the market, but there are plenty of extra ingredients that suggest it isn’t as natural as the marketing, and some customers might like.  

What Do Other People Think Of Feather & Down Sleeping Bag Gift Set?  

A few reviews mention that the product is overall, smaller than expected and does not represent good value for the price. Compared to similar products on the market, I think that the product does represent good value. The items inside are travel-size but contain plenty of products to use and enjoy. The mask is something you can keep using endlessly, as is the bag, which is really pretty. As a complete gift or a kit to try yourself, I think it is a good size and represents good value.  

The majority of reviews otherwise had no complaints about the kit and felt that it makes a lovely gift, and/or relaxing sleep aid. If you would like to try the kit for yourself or read more customer reviews, you can find it on Amazon. You can also try the Feather & Down pillow spray separately if you want to, which appears to be the most popular product of the whole kit. The pillow spray purchased separately on Amazon is 100ml, double the size of the spray that comes in the sleeping bag set.  

Final Thoughts On Trying The Feather & Down Sleep Kit  

Overall, if you choose to purchase the Feather & Down kit on Amazon there is no disputing that it is fantastic value for the price and what you get within it. There is a little bit of everything to try and to get you caring for yourself more during your sleep routine. The mask and bag are also going to last you a long time after the sleep products have been used up, so the gift isn’t just temporary in impact. This also means if you or the recipient of your gift do not like the scent of the products, they still have a little something useful to enjoy as part of the kit.