Sleep Science Reviews: Silentnight 4.5 Tog Duvet

In the UK, we love to sleep beneath a cosy, comforting duvet all year round. But when the Great British Summer arrives, the heat can, unfortunately, lead to difficulty sleeping.

Sleeping beneath a sheet doesn’t give the same comforting feeling, and so finding a duvet suitable for the summer months in the UK is essential. Silentnight Cooler Summer is a 4.5 Tog Duvet designed to meet your every need for blissful summer slumber.

In this article, we will evaluate everything that the Silentnight duvet has to offer so that you can see if it could help you fall into a restorative sleep even on a warm summer’s night. If the Silentnight Cooler Summer duvet meets your every need, you can visit their page on Amazon UK today to purchase one in single, double, or kingsize!

Heat and Sleep

If you find that getting too hot at night disturbs your sleep, you are not alone. The temperature of the environment around you is one of the biggest factors influencing how well you sleep.

Scientists have found that heat exposure can lead to increased wakefulness, as well as a reduction in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and slow wave, or deep, sleep. Poor sleep can affect your activities the following day, as well as leading to adverse health effects including obesity.

Your body temperature is linked to your circadian sleep pattern. Body temperature reduces when you are ready to fall asleep, before increasing when it is time to wake up. If you are too hot at night, this can make it difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep.

Finding a duvet that supports your body’s natural temperature rhythm is therefore crucial to getting a good night’s sleep.


Silentnight have over 70 years of experience in the bedmaking industry. As a well-known brand, many people trust that Silentnight products will help them to get a good night’s sleep.

The Cooler Summer Duvet is made in the UK with lightweight, breathable fabrics that are designed to keep you comfortable during the summer. Cooler Summer boasts the following features:

  • A lightweight tog of 4.5
  • Lightweight eco fibre filling
  • Microfibre cover
  • Machine washable

This duvet could be the solution you have been searching for to improve your sleep during the summer.

Silentnight Cooler Summer Duvet Review

I reviewed the Silentnight Cooler Summer king size duvet in the UK during the month of August. The average daytime temperature was around 20-22oC, with an average nighttime temperature of 15-16oC. The temperature in my bedroom overnight during this time was 24oC.

Tog Rating

The tog rating of the Cooler Summer Duvet is 4.5. Tog is a measurement of thermal resistance. The tog rating of a duvet measures how well a duvet captures heat to keep you warm.

4.5 is a lightweight tog that is commonly recommended for summer. It is light enough to prevent you from over-heating prior to sleep but will keep you warm when both the external temperature and your own core temperature, fall during the night.

Although 1 tog duvets are available, some people find that their weight feels similar to a simple sheet. For those who find that the weight of a duvet reassuring, 4.5 tog is often a good compromise in terms of comfort and temperature.

I found that the Cooler Summer Duvet felt pleasantly light to sleep beneath, whilst still being comforting. However, I did get a little hot during the night which I felt might be a result of the duvet’s synthetic microfibre cover.


The duvet comprises a pure white microfibre cover that is designed to wick away moisture, including sweat, to keep your body at the right temperature. The cover feels incredibly soft to touch but does have a synthetic feel to it. As the duvet will be covered by the duvet cover of your choice, this is likely only to be an issue if you have a particular preference for cotton or another natural covering.

The filling of the duvet is comprised of lightweight eco fibres. These fibres are made from 100% recycled materials that have been cleaned and purified. This environmentally friendly move is a positive gesture by Silentnight towards being more ecologically aware. The fibres are evenly distributed throughout the duvet, and I found that minimal shaking was required prior to use. As the fibres are lightweight, the duvet felt light to sleep under, so my movements always felt easy and unrestricted during sleep.


The duvet arrived in pristine condition, with neatly sewn edges. I felt that the duvet appeared to be of excellent quality, giving me confidence that it would last for many years.


The duvet cover and filling are made from clean fibres and fabrics. The duvet does not contain any materials that could cause an allergic reaction. For children with allergies, selecting a smaller sized duvet (including single size) may be beneficial.

Machine Washable

The duvet can be washed in your washing machine at 40oC to keep it feeling fresh and clean. Due to its low tog, I think it is likely that this duvet could be washed in an average-sized washing machine. It can also be tumble dried on low heat. However, the label does state that professional laundering is recommended.

Other Uses

Some users have mentioned that the duvet is helpful not only for the summer months but for those who are generally warmer at night. One customer also mentioned that she had found the duvet useful for managing night sweats associated with menopause.


The Cooler Summer Duvet cost £26.25 when purchased through This is a relatively low price for a king-sized duvet. It also has a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee for added peace of mind.

Full Range

Silentnight manufacture a range of Cooler Summer products, including Cooler Summer pillows and mattress protectors. If the duvet keeps you cool, you may also want to invest in additional products to give you further relief from the warm summer nights.

Review Summary



–        Lightweight yet comforting –        Synthetic fabrics may not suit everyone’s taste
–        Reasonable price – I felt warm overnight
–        Hypoallergenic
–        Other products in the Cooler Summer range are available
–        Can be used all year round for those who get hot at night


The Silentnight Cooler Summer 4.5 Tog Duvet is a good duvet for the summer months. With a reasonable price, its anti-allergy, lightweight eco fibre filling means that heat can escape whilst sweat is wicked away from the body.

The white cover appears fresh and clean, with an even distribution of the fibre filling. Sadly, I did get a little hot overnight when using this duvet, but this may be because synthetic materials tend to make me feel warmer.

To benefit from the better sleep quality that comes from feeling cooler, you can purchase your own Silentnight Cooler Summer Duvet now on Amazon UK to try it out!