Sleep Science Reviews: Mavogel Sleeping Mask

Sleep experts ensure that darker environments help you to sleep more efficiently while increasing sleep quality. Indeed, in lack of light, the brain sends a signal to the body, suggesting that it is time to sleep. When a light source is present at the sleeping moment, the body’s circadian rhythm can be negatively impacted, disturbing the length and quality of sleep.  

Because I have constantly been travelling in the last years, I am often forced to sleep in places with lousy quality of light. For example, I had to get used to sleeping in buses, aeroplanes, camping tents, hammocks, etc. 

The sleep quality that I had in all these spaces was not comparable to the sleep I usually get from my bed. Knowing the importance of sleep, I asked myself if there was out there on the market a product that would help me improving the sleep length and quality for all these situations. 

For these reasons, I went on Amazon and got my hands on the Mavogel Sleep Mask. 

My Personal Experience

My first impression of the sleep mask is that it is simple but neat. 

Upon removing it from its packaging, I noticed that it is protected by two layers: the first cardboard cover and the second one perforated plastic. It came with a user manual of how to best use the product and a handy travel bag to store the mask itself.

The user manual is provided on the back of the package and is divided into four steps:  

  1. Put on the mask,  
  2. Pull buckle and adjustable strap to the most comfortable length that fits your head size, 
  3. Pinch & adjust the sleep mask to fit around your nose bridge and achieve the light-blocking effect, 
  4. Push up the bending cartilage to make it fit your nose better. 

As soon as I opened the package and took the product in hand, I had positive sentiments about it. The materials have appeared to me of good quality and its elastic was quite consistent. The seams seemed to me also resistant and durable. I did not doubt that it was handmade well.

Moreover, the smell was not too bad or chemical. It smells like a new pair of shoes. However, it loses its scent after 20-30 minutes of being outside the box.  

The product measures 20 x 10 cm, ensuring that it fits all shapes and sizes of heads.  

Wearing the mask also gave me a fantastic sensation. The cotton is overall soft, and it gently caresses your face skin. Additionally, they used two different types of texture for the external and the internal part (the one in direct contact with the skin). This latter one is way mushier and more delicate than the other one.  

Notably, the mask’s eyes are filled with a spongy/gel material, which increases relaxation and helps to feel an overall comfortable sense.
Thanks to the adjustable strap on the back, it is possible to have an excellent adherence of the mask to the facial surface. Moreover, where the mask is in contact with the nose, bending cartilage made of Carbon Steel allows you to block even the tiniest light ray that could pass through the mask. In other words, the mask ensures you a dark environment even if you are in a good, illuminated area. 

So, the most critical features of this product are: 

  • Complete light blocking function thanks to the bending cartilage; 
  • Completely handmade product; 
  • Produced with breathable materials. 

More on My Experience…

The first time I tried this mask, I was trying to have an afternoon nap. My bedroom windows do not have curtains that can block out the sun’s rays, so the room was not dark at all.

The first thing I did was tighten the elastics to ensure the best fit to my face, put on the mask, and adjust the nasal area from which light rays can most easily annoy. 

I measured the sleep onset, and I discovered that I fell asleep in circa 10 minutes. It was quite a suitable parameter because, during naps, I usually fall asleep after 20 to 30 minutes following entering the bed. 

The only thing I was concerned about were the plastic pieces on the springs used to wring out the rubber bands. I was afraid that they might be a bother, creating itchiness and discomfort. Instead, I was happily surprised by not feeling them at all during the entire duration of my sleep. This may also be related to the fact that I have long hair and the plastic plates were not in direct contact with my skull. If you have short hair, such plastic parts might bother you. 

The only thing that disappointed me a bit was the nasal area. My nose is quite large, and although I tried to adjust the bending cartilage as best I could, some light was still able to pass through this area.  The problem is that by pushing harder and trying to bend this area more, it became difficult to breathe because the nasal fold of the mask tightened right on the nostrils

However, that problem didn’t occur when I used the sleep mask at night. Even though my windows don’t have blinds, the little light that came through them couldn’t bother me in any way. 

It’s essential to introduce the night trial by saying that I’m not a sleeper who’s used to wearing sleep masks. Also, I usually move around a lot while sleeping. For this reason, while testing the mask during the night, I woke up a couple of times because the mask moved, and some light hit me in the eyes.  

Another thing that I feel is important to point out is that the uses I’ve made of this product have been during the summer season. Not being used to sleeping using a mask gave me a claustrophobic feeling and made my sleep less easily attainable. Honestly, the quality of my sleep in my bedroom did not improve significantly using the following product. 

On the other hand, I also tried this product on a long bus trip, and during it, I enjoyed the effects of this product thoroughly. 

When I got on the bus, I wanted to sleep, but my desire was hindered by the sun shining high in the sky. Luckily, I had the Mavogel Sleep Mask with me, and I thought it was the best time to test it out in the field and away from home. I stored the mask in the handy travel bag that is sold with it, and I had kept it easily in my hoodie pocket, taking up very little space

Although I am familiar with sleeping in bright environments which are not very suitable for sleep, the time taken to fall asleep in places like buses, aeroplanes, trains, etc., varies from 30 to 50 minutes. The variables to be considered are the amount of light, noise level, quality of seats, and presence/absence of other people right next to me. 

That time, I travelled without anyone sitting in the seat next to me (due to the restrictions due to Covid-19). This is something that generally helps me fall asleep earlier. The bus had left at 11:30 am, and it was a sunny day. The seats on the bus were not uncomfortable, and in general, there wasn’t much confusion. The only real obstacle to my sleep, therefore, was the sunlight. Thanks to using the Mavogel Sleep mask, even though very few rays of sunlight were able to pass through the nasal area, they were not a great hindrance to my sleep. 

Surprisingly, even the time it took me to fall asleep was shorter than usual: I fell asleep in about 30 minutes this time. Given the inability to move around too much when sitting on a bus seat, the mask remained firmly on my face, and once I woke up, it was in the same position as when I wore it. In addition, the presence of air conditioning on the bus prevented me from feeling claustrophobic or sweating excessively because of it. 


The materials and the manufacture are of excellent quality.  The material is not that breathable as claimed, and you can notice it, especially during hot summer nights. 
The price is competitive.  If many movements characterize your sleep, this mask will probably move during the night, allowing some light to go through it. 
A convenient travel pouch is included in the package.  The mask is thick, and if you sleep on your side, it can leave a visible imprint on your face. 
The adjustable straps will ensure an almost perfect adherence of the mask to your face.  Reading on the advertisement “Cotton Sleep Eye Mask might deceive the buyer that the product is 100% cotton. 
The bending cartilage in the nose area will block most light rays that could disturb your sleep  The bending cartilage suits tiny noses better. For bigger ones, this area remains a little uncovered.  
The Mavogel Sleep Mask will surprise you with its softness and delicacy in the eye area if you are used to sleeping with average sleep masks.  The cloth over the nose is not elastic, and this can cause the wire to push painfully on the nose. 


Critical Features…

  • Complete Light Blocking function thanks to the bending cartilage; 
  • Utterly handmade product; 
  • Produced with breathable materials. 

In conclusion, what do I have to say about the Mavogel Sleep Mask?

  • The use of the product is intuitive and straightforward.  
  • The materials are of excellent quality.  
  • Also, the manufacture of the product seems to me to be good. 
  • Its price is excellent (it’s now available for you to purchase on Amazon for £ 6.24) considering its quality and the cost of other similar products. 
  • I would recommend its use to people that struggle to fall asleep in bright places.  
  • Also, this product can nicely fit people that travel a lot and have difficulties sleeping during their trips.