Sleep Science Reviews: i-box Dawn Charging Radio Alarm Clock

Sleep is one of our most precious commodities, and so there are a lot of important factors to consider when choosing a bedside alarm clock. At the most basic level, you want a clock that allows you to easily check the time, without being so bright that it prevents you from sleeping. The alarm also needs to wake you up each morning without fail.

However, Dawn by i-box offers far more than just the basics. As a wireless charging unit, radio and Bluetooth speaker, you can instantly de-clutter your bedside table with this sleek, ultra-modern product.

In this article, we will cover everything that Dawn has to offer so that you can see if this bedside clock will complement your lifestyle. If Dawn is exactly what you’re looking for, you can purchase it now on Amazon.

i-box Dawn Clock with Wireless Charging

Established in 2012, i-box is a British brand focused on combining quality audio performance with a redefined style.

In creating Dawn, i-box have produced a product that offers almost everything you could want from a bedside alarm clock. With its streamlined oval shape, Dawn measures just 18cm wide, 11cm deep and 8cm tall. The design of the fabric wrap surround and soft-touch top face ensure it blends seamlessly with modern interiors for a clean, calming appearance. Dawn is available in three colours to suit your décor and taste: pale grey and white, grey, or black.

Despite its compact size, Dawn boasts the following features:

  • Dimmable 12- or 24-hour clock
  • Dual alarm function for two different wake-up times
  • Qi wireless phone charging
  • USB port to charge an additional device
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth speaker to stream from Spotify or Apple Music.

With so many features packed into such a sleek device, you can say goodbye to additional wires and speakers for a clutter-free bedside table.

i-box Dawn Review

One of the great things about Dawn is how simple it is to set up. Within ten minutes of opening the box I had set the time and an alarm, chosen an FM radio station and started to wirelessly charge my phone.

With so many features, we’ll look at the capabilities of each one in turn.

The Clock

The key feature of any alarm clock is the clock face itself. This digital clock is provided by the LED display in the fabric wrap.

As bright light can affect melatonin production, some people struggle to fall asleep with an LED clock beside them. Thankfully, this is unlikely to be an issue with Dawn. With five brightness settings, it’s easy to select the right amount of light for your own personal sleep requirements.

I am quite particular about sleeping in a room darkened by blackout blinds, but I was pleased to find that Dawn’s dimmest light setting was a lovely low light that didn’t affect the quality of my sleep.

At the click of a button, the clock face can be made brighter in the morning so that the clock can be easily read in broad daylight, too.

The Alarms

With two alarms, Dawn offers versatility and confidence. If purchasing Dawn solely for personal use, you can even set two alarms to guarantee that you are never late for work. If sharing Dawn with your partner, you can set a different alarm each. For both alarms, you can choose from an alarm beep, or the FM radio to wake you.

Each alarm can be snoozed by pressing the large, central Snooze button, giving you another nine minutes of sleep before the alarm sounds again. To switch the alarm off and break the Snooze cycle, a smaller button is pressed. This avoids the risk of accidentally switching off the alarm before you are fully awake. Having a consistent sleep schedule can be a great way to support your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle for better overall sleep quality.

Despite having 15 volume settings, one of my only criticisms of Dawn is that even the quietest alarm setting was too loud for my personal preference. However, as I like to be awakened gently, this would not be a problem for others and would be a bonus for deep sleepers.


Wireless Charging

The Qi wireless charging pad was a big benefit for me. I love the look of a clear bedside table, so getting rid of my phone’s USB cable was a dream come true. I simply placed my phone on top of the + on the alarm clock, and it started to charge. No other set-up steps were required.

Charging appeared to occur quickly, with an LED light appearing beside the clock’s time to indicate that charging was in process. Dawn supports a wide range of phones, but before purchasing it is important to check that it will be compatible with your handset.

USB Charging

The other benefit of Dawn is the additional USB port. I connected my smartwatch cable to this port, allowing me to conveniently charge my watch overnight at the same time as my phone. The port could be used to charge any USB compatible device including a power bank, second phone, or wireless headphones.

FM Radio and Bluetooth

FM Radio

With 10 station preset spaces available, I found it easy to set my favourite stations. Crucially, I also appreciated the excellent sound quality when playing FM radio through Dawn. Dawn has 6W stereo speaker drivers for ‘room-filling sound and a passive bass radiator for richer bass notes.

Although I had great FM radio reception, some people might be disappointed that a DAB digital service is not supported with Dawn.  Another downside is that when listening to the radio, the station frequency is displayed but this, unfortunately, means that the time is no longer visible.

Bluetooth Connection

Dawn also has a Bluetooth play operation, allowing you to stream your favourite music wirelessly. I found the pairing process straightforward. Being able to play music in this way negates the need for additional speaker systems in the bedroom, saving you both space and money.

Additional Modes

Sleep Mode allows you to set a sleep duration while listening to Bluetooth or FM music. After this time, the music is automatically turned off. Scientists have found that listening to relaxing music can help to improve sleep quality, with certain songs or playlists including white noise or nature sounds being particularly helpful.  This Sleep Mode function is therefore ideal for those who like to fall asleep listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

Additional Features

Dawn has a backup battery feature. A compartment for 2x AAA batteries means your clock and alarm settings will be preserved in the event of a power cut or if the clock is accidentally unplugged. The batteries need to be purchased separately.


The white and grey model of Dawn that I reviewed has an RRP of £39.95. This is a mid-range price for similar alarm clocks. I felt that this price was very reasonable given both the aesthetics of Dawn, and the number of features it includes.


Review Summary



–          Excellent dimmable LED clock that didn’t affect my sleep –          Alarm settings may be too loud for those sensitive to noise
–          Bluetooth and FM radio for music, podcasts, or audiobooks –          FM radio, no DAB
–          Dual alarm to suit one person or couples –          Time not displayed when listening to the radio
–          Wireless phone charging and additional USB port
–          Sleek, modern appearance



Dawn by i-box is a great all-rounder. The dimmable LED lights, reliable alarms and excellent sound quality make this a great addition to ensure you sleep well yet wake up on time. The modern function of wireless charging, alongside a USB port, offers the solution for charging your essential electricals in a neat, fuss-free manner.

Effortlessly fitting into all contemporary lifestyles, you can purchase Dawn over on Amazon to benefit from its sleek style and excellent range of features.