Sleep Science Reviews: ATTCL Blue Light Filter Glasses 

In the Sleep Hygiene article, we stressed the need to limit the use of electronic devices before going to sleep. You have probably wondered why this advice was given. The reason is quite simple: the blue light emitted by our technological devices (personal computer, smartphone, television, etc.) can reduce the quality and length of our sleep.

This is because this frequency of light blocks the production of a hormone that is essential for our body’s relaxation (melatonin). In animal studies, night-time exposure to blue light also caused the manifestation of depressive symptoms. 

Moreover, as stated by optometrists Whitney Selman, blue light can boost the risk of eye disease. Remarkably, exposure to this kind of light frequencies can cause dry and irritated eyes and blurred vision. 

Various animal studies have shown that blue light can be phototoxic, causing damages to your retinas. Indeed, one disease related to the exposure of blue light is macular degeneration, a disease that specifically affects the retina.  

To limit our exposure to blue light, we can adopt two practical solutions: 

  • If possible, we can set a blue light filter directly from our devices.  
  • We may wear blue light glasses, like this pair of glasses produced by ATTCL that promise to block 92% of blue light. This product certainly has an advantage over the previous solution: it eliminates the possibility that any source of blue light hits our eyes.  

Blue Light Filter Glasses 

This pair of glasses was manufactured in China. On the box, you can recognise: 

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) symbol, 
  •  The C.E. symbol demonstrating product conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area, 
  • and UK CA, indicating the accordance with the applicable requirements for products sold within Great Britain. 

These symbols ensure that the product’s materials and its use are safe and pose no risk to human health. This information is crucial, especially for a product that is used in contact with our sense organs and which, if incorrectly manufactured, could pose a threat to our health. 



Product Description

The cardboard packaging is elegant and offers helpful information (such as the warranty card and lens maintenance instructions). Inside there are the glasses in a plastic box, an instruction booklet, a lens cleaning cloth, and a small bag for carrying the glasses.

In addition, there is also a small “experimental kit”: a light bulb that emits blue light and a “blue-light blocker tester.” On this tester, there is a white photo-sensitive strip to blue light frequencies. The experiment is straightforward and intuitive: if we point the light directly on this photo-sensitive strip, it will become darker and darker until it becomes completely black.

However, when we interpose the lenses of our glasses between the blue light and the tester, we can observe that the photo-sensitive area is not affected at all, remaining ordinarily white. This process effectively demonstrates the ability of these lenses to protect our eyes from blue light. 

At first glance, the glasses look very stylish. On the instruction booklet, it is also claimed that they were designed in Italy. Touching the product, however, one realises that the materials and construction of the product are not excellent. 

The first element that made me turn up my nose is that one of the glasses’ temples was crooked compared to the other. However, I pressed outwards with a bit of delicacy and force and quickly managed to get it in line.  

About the materials with which the product is made, we can identify three elements: 

  • the temples and the ovals in which the lenses are set.  
  • The lenses.  
  • The black cover. 

The material used to construct the arms and lens holders is a gold-coloured metal alloy. It is very light and resistant.  

The lenses are not made of glass, but they are made of a plastic material. For this reason, the lenses will certainly be more easily soiled and less resistant to scratching or mistreatment. The black part that covers the frame is entirely made of plastic. 

Product Use

Working for many hours on the computer without light filters, I can say that the effects of exposure to blue light are real. Dry, red, sometimes painful eyes, difficulty falling asleep, dark circles under the eyes, and inadequate sleep are just some of the effects I have experienced first-hand. I can easily relate these symptoms to the prolonged use of blue light-emitting devices, as many of the problems listed above disappear when I do not use them. 

 For these reasons, I have started to use these glasses with great interest. The first day of use was very satisfactory. The glasses’ frame is very light, and after a few minutes, you can even forget that you are wearing glasses. At the end of the working day, my eyes felt less tired than usual. They were not red and the typical swelling that anyone who works at a computer for more than 3 hours a day knows. 

I must admit that the product’s lightness (just 14 grams!) has to reckon with its delicacy.  When I brought the glasses up to my forehead, they stuck in my hair. I had to pull them out, and while I was doing this, I had to apply force to one of the sticks, which, unfortunately, immediately twisted. Being of an easily malleable material, I was able to return the temple to its standard shape. However, this demonstrates the product’s fragility and the need to handle it with care and gentleness. 

Furthermore, although the advertisement explicitly states that the lenses do not change the perceived colour, the perception of colours tends to appear more yellow. 


The glasses block blue light.  The materials used to produce it are not of high quality. 
The glasses will avoid the side effects of blue light exposure.  The glasses are fragile and should be used with care. 
Its frame is light (just 14 grams) and comfortable.  The price is higher than average, but the quality of the product is average. 
The package is exquisite and full of accessories.  When I received the glasses, one of the temples was crooked. 



The manufacture of the product is average. I was pleased with the box the product was shipped. Very detailed and with a small kit to prove the authenticity of the product.  

However, I think the price is unjustified, as there are glasses on the market with practically the same quality but with much lower prices than this one. If better materials are used to produce these glasses, the selling price could be considered fair.

As far as their primary function is concerned, nothing can be objected to: the lenses block the frequencies of blue light and improve the swelling of the eyes from the first use. You can purchase these blue light filter glasses now on Amazon UK.