Sleep Science Reviews: AIMS Duck Feather Pillows

We’ve all experienced a bad night’s sleep when staying in a hotel or as a guest at someone else’s house. Often, the culprit is an unfamiliar or uncomfortable pillow. Pillows are a personal choice, and it’s no surprise that some people choose to take their favourite pillow away on holiday to ensure a good night’s sleep away from home.

Though, feather pillows can be quite divisive. Whilst some people love their soft, natural feel, others find them too soft and flat to be comfortable.

I tested AIMS Duck Feather Pillows, and in this article, I will cover everything that they have to offer so that you can decide if they’ll suit your sleeping habits. The duck feather pillow is currently available for Amazon UK.

Pillows and Sleep

An uncomfortable pillow can make it impossible to sleep. Whether the pillow is too plump, too flat, too soft, or too firm, if you can’t get comfortable, the chances are you’ll be tossing and turning all night.

Scientists have studied pillow shapes to ascertain the characteristics that best support the head, neck, and shoulders, as well as considering the height of the pillow. The most comfortable pillow was found to be one that supports the head, neck, and shoulders, rather than focusing on just one of these areas.

Interestingly, it is known that head cooling can reduce the temperature of the whole body. This lowering of the central body temperature then improves the quality of sleep. A pillow that contains cooler materials could therefore help you to sleep better.

Finding a pillow that supports you whilst you sleep, as well as keeping you cool, could improve your sleep quality so that you feel more refreshed the next day.

AIMS Pillows

AIMS Pillows are available in a pack of two and are of premium quality. The pillows contain both duck feathers and duck down. Double-stitched edges are in place to ensure years of use without feathers leaking from the edges. In addition, the pillows boast the following features:

  • Micro fabric cotton shell
  • Anti-dust mite
  • Machine washable

Trying a duck feather pillow by AIMS could give you the head and neck support that you need for enhanced comfort and better quality sleep all year round.

AIMS Duck Feather Pillows Review

I reviewed AIMS Duck Feather Pillows during the summer. I usually sleep comfortably with one pillow of medium firmness.  My bedroom temperature was around 24oC when I tried the pillow.

Overall Comfort

The pillows were a standard UK size (50cm x 75cm), meaning that they perfectly fit my own pillowcases.

Like most feather pillows, the AIMS pillows were very soft. The pillow felt luxurious to rest my head on, whilst still offering just enough neck support.  As a side sleeper, I felt comfortable using the pillow, although my preference is for a pillow that is a little firmer. Feather pillows also tend to be suitable for back and stomach sleepers, and on testing these positions I did feel comfortable.

The pillows were completely pliable, so I could mould the pillow exactly as I wanted it to be. This product would therefore be a great choice for those who like to snuggle into their pillow.


The pillows contain both duck feather and duck down. Duck down is taken from the fluffy area just below the chest area of the duck. Duck feathers can come from the back or wings of the duck. The quills of the feathers can sometimes be felt as blunt spikes inside feather pillows, but I did not find this to be an issue with the AIMS pillows.

The outer shell of the pillow is made from micro fabric cotton which felt incredibly soft to touch. Unlike some feather pillows, there was little noise or rustling when turning over or readjusting the pillow, which may be due to the soft fabric of the shell. This was particularly helpful for me as a light sleeper, and may also be beneficial to those who do not want to disturb their partner.

The edge of each pillow is double stitched, giving me the confidence that these pillows will last for many years.  Feather pillows are often more durable than their synthetic counterparts, and the AIMS pillows appeared to be designed to last.

Although the pillows arrived in individual vacuum compressed bags, they quickly returned to their normal size and required minimal plumping to make them comfortable at bedtime.


The feathers within a pillow can have insulating properties, trapping heat within them. Some people may therefore find that their temperature runs a little high when using a feather pillow. This is not always conducive to sleep.

However, with a breathable cover such as the one included with the AIMS pillow, duck feathers can actually help to regulate your body temperature.

I felt that my body temperature was no higher than when sleeping with my usual hollow fibre pillow. The pillow seemed to remain cool, giving a comfortable temperature for sleeping even during the summer months of my review.


The AIMS pillow is hypoallergenic, which may make it suitable for those with allergies. The pillow is also anti-dust mite which made me feel that it was a more hygienic choice.

Some feather pillows can have a natural odour, especially when new, but I did not notice an odour with the AIMS pillows at any time.

Machine washable

Feather pillows can be harder to keep clean than hollow fibre and other synthetic pillows. This may make them less suitable for people with allergies. However, the AIMS pillows are both hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, and suitable for machine washing at 30oC at home, helping to minimise contamination with allergens.

As most duck feather pillows require professional cleaning, it may be wise to avoid washing AIMS pillows too frequently at home, as this may shorten the lifespan of the pillows.


A pair of AIMS pillows cost £24.79 when purchased through This is a reasonable price for duck feather pillows but is more than you might expect to pay for hollow fibre pillows.

Full Range

AIMS manufacture a range of bedding products, including duck feather-filled duvets. If the pillows help you to sleep soundly, you may be pleased to purchase a coordinating duvet from the same company.

Review Summary



–        Soft yet supportive pillow; Durable –        Some people may feel hot when using feather pillows
–        Felt cool to sleep on –        Some may feel that the pillows are too soft
–        Accommodates most sleeping positions; Little noise or rustling –        Can be more difficult to keep clean than hollow fibre pillows


The AIMS duck feather pillows are a great product for those looking for a pillow that is soft yet still offers sufficient neck and head support. Although feather pillows can make some people feel warm, I remained cool and slept well when using these pillows. Those who feel the cold may find it helpful to use an AIMS pillow in the cooler winter months.

The fabrics used within the AIMS pillow felt durable and didn’t disturb my sleep by rustling. The pillows would make an excellent choice for those looking for a mouldable pillow that offers soft support in all sleeping positions.

To try AIMS Duck Feather Pillows, you can purchase a pack of two on Amazon UK today!