Nectar Memory Foam
  • Made in the UK
  • Adaptive cooling cover
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Nonstop Air Flow
Nectar Memory Foam
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Nectar Sleep, operating under Resident, an American-based home goods company, is the one of the fastest-growing sleep brands in the world. With their whole menu of bedroom furniture and sleep products, the brand has been dedicated to giving the best sleep to everyone. Due to the popularity of their offerings, Nectar has expanded in the UK back in 2018, where it became recognized by organizations and publications such as the Real Homes, Evening Standard, Ideal Home, among many others.

Their signature Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, which has won a whole slew of awards in 2019, remains a favourite of many. Boasting a 9cm-thick memory foam layer, the premium mattress promises to give the best comfort and support that hugs any body type.

Ergonomics Test

The Nectar mattress scored a 6.8 in the Ergonomics test which looks at three key things in a mattress – point elasticity, ergonomics, and stabilization.

The point elasticity tests how good the mattress is at isolating movement on one side of the mattress. Nectar’s score is not bad hence we can assume that this mattress has some good motion isolation – meaning you won’t be disturbed when your partner tosses and turns on the bed, as long as they stay on their side of the mattress.

Ergonomics on the other hand looks at the number of zones a mattress has that can support spinal alignment. Nectar has 7 zones of support which ensures spinal alignment on the whole mattress, regardless of your sleeping position.

Durability Test

Durability is an important criteria for mattresses since we use a mattress for a good number of years. Nectar scored a 7.6 which is not bad for a mattress. This means that under a heavy roller simulating 10 years of usage, the Nectar mattress did not sag significantly. It relatively maintained its shape during the test. Therefore, we can assume that we can use this Nectar mattress for many years and not worry about too much wear and tear.

Cover Test

This is where Nectar performed poorly in our tests. Nectar has a removable cover but it is not recommended to have it washed, hence it will be difficult to care for the mattress. We believe it’s important for mattresses to have a removable and washable cover in order to easily clean the mattress and get rid of dust, germs and bacteria. It is because of this that we were unable to award a point for Nectar on this test.

Ease of Use test

Nectar weighs 18.8kgs which is slightly on the heavy side. The absence of handles makes it difficult to move around. Hence, it will be best if you place this mattress on a permanent location in your room because you will have a tough time moving it after that.

Nectar's Mattress Cover

Nectar Mattress comes with an adaptive cooling cover, designed to draw away heat from your body as you snooze. Made with polyester, the cover is completely breathable and helps wick away moisture for a refreshing sleep all through the night. However, while it is removable, it is not encouraged to wash or tumble dry the cover. Still, stains can be removed with a simple spot washing in case they occur.

Top cover: Made of 70% polyester and 30% tencel

Nectar's Mattress Core

To give you a medium-firm softness, the Nectar Mattress is constructed with 2 layers of memory foam that are supported at the bottom with a base stabilising foam. This layered core provides support for any body shape, and is engineered to be comfortable for any kind of sleeper all while minimising the motion transfer for a peaceful sleep for all bed occupants.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Free shipping
  • Hassle-free returns

Trial and Warranty

  • 365-day trial
  • Lifetime warranty

Contact Information

For questions and concerns you can email Nectar at [email protected]

Nectar Mattress Review Conclusion

With its 1 year trial and lifetime warranty, this Nectar Memory Foam mattress stands out from other mattresses. You can be assured of a good buy when you purchase once and easily return it should you change your mind. Order you Nectar Memory Foam Mattress here today.