Emma Original
  • The UK's Most Awarded Mattress
  • Perfect for all types of sleepers
  • Innovative Airgocell® regulates temperature
  • High-quality foams adapt to your body
Emma Original
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Founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, Emma’s sole mission was to give a good night’s sleep to people around the globe. Available in 20 countries across all four continents, Emma’s mattresses and sleep accessories made with patented-technology enjoy success. Never failing to deliver comfortable support even to the lightest of sleepers, the brand has continuously won prestigious awards. Just in the past year, it has once again gotten the recognition of Which? Consumers’ Association as the Best Buy mattress of 2020.

Among all of their offerings, the Emma Original Mattress has received distinct recognition across Europe. In the UK, it’s one of the best-selling mattresses having been recommended by reputable publications such as The Independent, Good Housekeeping, and more.

Ergonomics Test

The Emma mattress scored 8 on our ergonomics tests which is comprised of 3 testing methodologies – point elasticity, ergonomics, and stabilization.

Point elasticity tests how good the mattress is when it comes to isolating the motion of the mattress to a side of the mattress. This is especially good for when you are sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns at night. Your side of the bed won’t be affected by the movement of your partner. Emma scored high on this which means the mattress has good motion isolation and you can be assured that your sleep won’t be disturbed when your partner moves on the bed.

Ergonomics tests the zoning capabilities of a mattress. The more zones it has, the better the mattress is in adapting to your body shape. Emma is comprised of 5 zones which support proper spinal alignment regardless of your sleeping position.


Emma scored 7.3 on durability which is a pretty good score for a mattress. Mattress durability is tested by using a heavy roller to simulate 10 years of mattress usage. This means that with the Emma mattress, you are sure that your mattress will give you years of good quality with minimal signs of wear throughout the years.

Cover Test

Emma scored 8 for the cover test. The cover tests look at how materials shrink when washed using the manufacturer’s care instructions if the mattress cover is removeable. This means that the Emma mattress cover do not shrink significantly when washed. Having a removeable cover also means it will be easy to care for the Emma mattress and remove unwanted stains, dirt and bacteria.

Ease of Use Test

Emma scored 6.3 for the ease of use test. The ease of use tests how easy or difficult it is to move the mattress around. For this test, the weight of the mattress as well as the number of handles available are taken into consideration. Emma weighs 17.3kg which is not light, but it’s also not too heavy for a mattress. The presence of side handles make it easy to flip or transfer the mattress when you need to move it around.

Mattress Cover

To make the Emma Original Mattress even easier to set up, its cover comes with four vertical handles and anti-slip features. Even with continued use, you’ll be sure it’s clean as it’s completely removable and machine-washable. Last but not the least, the elastic cover is completely breathable and fosters a cool sleeping climate as well.

● Top cover: Made of 100% Polyester
● Side cover: Made of 100% Polyester
● Bottom cover: Made of 87% Polyester, 13% Polypropylene

Mattress Core

Like the cover that comes with it, the three-layered mattress core of Emma Original Mattress is also breathable as its top-most layer is made with adaptive Airgocell® foam. The high-quality layer is open-pored to encourage air circulation, ensuring you don’t break a sweat all night. Aside from regulating the humidity, the mattress also has a visco-elastic memory foam layer that distributes pressure evenly and a bottom supportive layer that supports your spine alignment.

Shipping and Delivery

● Free, no contact deliveries shipping for deliveries
● General delivery time of 2-7 working days
● Hassle-free returns

Trial and Warranty

● 200 night trial
● 10 year guarantee

Contact information

For questions and concerns you can contact Emma Sleep here.

Emma Mattress Review Conclusion

Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, the Emma mattress will be a great mattress for you. When you purchase the Emma mattress you can be sure that you will have an undisturbed perfect night’s sleep that is cool, comfortable, and pain free. Wake up refreshed with the Emma mattress! Click here to order yours today.