Editorial Policy

As a science-based sleep resource, we accompany our readers along their journey to a better night’s sleep. By conducting extensive research, in-house product tests, and academic reviews of journals and publications, we aim to distill scientific information into clear and accessible guides, articles, and recommendations.  

Prior to publication, all content of Sleep Science undergoes a thorough writing and review process.  

We exclusively use reputable, data-driven sources. For our articles, these include peer-reviewed medical journals, data from academic and scientific research, reports from government agencies, and recommendations from legitimate associations such as The National Sleep Foundation. For our product guides and reviews, we source from in-house product tests, verified customer experiences and direct feedback, and publicly available information from brand websites and product pages. 

After our writers draft their original work, our team of reputable Sleep Researchers fact-check and revise these to ensure that they are accurate and scientifically sound. Likewise, all content is regularly reviewed to ensure that every page is up-to-date and validated by the latest findings.