Best Amazon Memory Foam Mattresses

Have you been not getting a good night’s sleep? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nowadays, it is quite common for people to experience the worst body aches. It’s as if our bodies collectively decided to malfunction. 

There is a high probability that your old mattress was the cause of it all. In this new age of sleep technology, everyone’s abandoning the plain old spring mattress in favour of adding memory foam. This extra layer absorbs your body heat and adapts its shape to fit you. 

By now you’re probably sold on getting a new mattress. But with COVID-19 and still a thousand new cases every week in the UK, you’re probably not keen on going to a physical store too.  

What better place to start looking than Amazon? 

But before you go on your gadget and grab the first memory foam mattress you see, remember that just like our bodies, every mattress is different. The perfect one for others may not be the perfect one for you. Luckily, Sleep Science did the research and found the best Amazon memory foam mattresses to help you out. 

Best Amazon Memory Foam Mattress Overview

Best Price MattressDormeo Memory Class Memory Foam Mattress

Best Comfort MattressInofia Double Memory Foam Mattress

Best Features MattressSilentnight Responsive Memory Foam Mattress

Best Overall MattressVesgantti Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Before we get into it, what should you consider when purchasing a memory foam mattress?

  • Features: Learn about the different features memory foam mattresses can have and how they can affect your sleep. If you have body pain, allergies, or other medical conditions that may arise due to a certain kind of mattress, know if the product you’re looking at helps with the issue.  
  • Price: Ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for certain features. While some features are not necessities, they’d still be worth the extra quid. This list will use double-sized mattress pricing.
  • Size: Before committing to buying a mattress, you must check if they have the size that you’re looking for. The last thing you want is to accidentally buy a memory foam mattress that was too big for your bed frame. Additionally, memory foam mattresses tend to be shipped vacuum-sealed or in boxes, meaning that they will expand to their true size only after you’ve unpacked them. Make sure to read reviews to find out if the product does expand to its expected size. 
  • Firmness: This is an important consideration when buying a mattress for people with disabilities. A memory foam mattress’ firmness could mean better sleep or worse body pains for the user. It’d be best to read the reviews such as this one, because buyers tend to leave reviews on whether the product lives up to its marketed firmness level. 
  • Store Policy: Read up on their policies for warranty, returns, and maybe damages. Some mattress companies impose fees on you before you can get a replacement. This is important especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

Our Best Amazon Foam Mattresses

Vesgantti Memory Foam Mattress. Image taken from Amazon.

Best Price

Dormeo Memory Classic Memory Foam Mattress

Price: £209.99

Available Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King 

Firmness: Medium, Firm  

Trial and Warranty: 60-night trial, 15-year warranty

As it’s priced on the cheaper side of the mattress market, it provides good value for a variety of benefits. Within its four layers, it comes with a carbon fibre cover that utilizes static to deflect particles from coming onto the bed. Additionally, it has Sanitized Actifresh protection that sterilizes any absorbed moisture like sweat and saliva. 

Its 2 centimetres-deep layer of memory foam and a 12 centimetres-deep Breathable Ecocell base allow the mattress to be permanently flexible, promising proper air circulation and full-body support.  


  • Cooling to prevent heat discomfort.
  • Pressure relief for a more relaxing sleep.


  • Durability wears off within a year.
  • Difficulty in returning unsatisfactory models to Amazon.

Inofia Memory Foam Mattress. Image taken from Amazon.

Best Comfort

Inofia Double Memory Foam Mattresses

Price: £239.99

Available Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King 

Firmness: Medium  

Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty 

Its hypoallergenic flexible mattress cover, lavender-infused memory foam, and high-density support foam promise constant comfort for its users. It claims that its spring-free design absorbs motion to avoid partner disturbance. 

Beyond the comfort of sleeping on the mattress, Inofia also vacuum packs your mattress into a box for you – ensuring that it arrives at your door clean as new. 


  • Noise-free.
  • Minimized partner disturbance.


  • Lack of consistency across models.
  • Expansion takes a while.

Silentnight Memory Foam Mattress. Image taken from Amazon.

Best Features

Silentnight Responsive Memory Foam Mattress

Price: £379.99

Available Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King 

Firmness: Medium  

Trial and Warranty: 60-night trial, only refunds in full when requested within 14 days of delivery

The higher price point of this mattress can be attributed to the sheer quantity of its features. It’s rollable, making it perfect for those who live in small spaces and would need to move their mattress along their house.  

Additionally, it’s built to keep the weight distributed across its three foam layers. Its quilted sleep surface, memory comfort, and zoned foam support layers relieve pressure off the user’s body. This makes it perfect for side sleepers because it prevents the centre of their backs from sinking into the mattress.  

It’s also worth noting that Allergy UK verified the anti-allergen properties of its luxury knitted layer, so this mattress is safe for children and adults. 


  • Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Extra portable and flexible.


  • Rolling may cause creases prior to usage.
  • Durability issues within a year of usage.

Vesgantti Memory Foam Mattress. Image taken from Amazon.

Best Overall

Vesgantti Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Price: £174.99

Available Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King 

Firmness: Medium Soft 

Trial and Warranty: 60-night trial, 10-year limited warranty 

From its versatility to its convenience, it hits the mark on a lot of important things buyers look for in a mattress. The mattress has great features with a great price tag, making it the best overall mattress out of the four. 

The main feature of this mattress is that it’s double-sided. On one end, it has the Certified Gel Memory Foam that contains cooling and zero-pressure properties. The other has High-Density Support Foam that provides stability to your lower back, shoulder, and spinal area. 

Additionally, its removable and protective inner covers prevent the foams layers from dust and make washing easier.


  • All-body relief.
  • Versatility through its double-sided mattress.


  • Gel Memory foam may be a bit too soft.
  • 72 hours (3 full days) before the mattress expands.

At the end of the day… 

With so many mattress reviews on the internet, I totally understand how hard it is to find the best fit for you. Nonetheless, I hope that this article was able to help you narrow down your search for your next mattress!  

Once you’ve bought it, maybe you’d want to learn more about lucid dreaming or get some tips on how to sleep better. You can also read our reviews on the Best Mattresses of 2021 if you are looking for more alternatives.