Best Amazon Duvets

Unbelievably, duvets come in many shapes and sizes. Sleep technology companies all around the world have dedicated research and development teams for perfecting a duvet’s thickness, its thermal properties, and even its anti-allergy protection. 

It is no question that many duvets are up in the market, making the search for the one you can trust quite difficult. If you are bogged down trying to narrow your options, Sleep Science has identified some of our top picks for duvets of all sorts. 

We will be reviewing the following products: 

Best Cotton Duvet: Simba Smartfill Duvet 

Best Fleece Duvet: Silentnight Teddy Waffle Fleece Duvet 

Best Duck Feather Duvet: Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down Duvet

The basis for review…

Material: What a duvet is made of could completely alter your experience with using it. It could determine whether it keeps you snug in all night or even if you develop severe allergic reactions when you are supposed to be sound asleep. Do note that a duvet is structured with a cover and filling – and both parts are made of differing materials.  

Washing Instructions: Most of the time, duvet sellers will state similar washing instructions – machine wash, tumble dry, low heat (around 30 to 40 degrees Celsius). You must consider whether you have the means to wash the duvet you are about to purchase. Some have more material and fabric than others, which means that it would take up more water and drying time. 

Price: Sleep Science holds the same principle – if you are on a tight budget, restricting what you can buy is understandable, however, price does come down to what you end up getting in return. Especially when it comes to duvets, there are many features and properties that while may cost you, increase your sleeping experience. 

Best Cotton Duvet: Simba Smartfill Duvet 

Price: 90 GBP (Single), 130 GBP (Double), 170 GBP (Super King) 

Material: Fibre Filling, 100% Cotton Cover. 

Care Instructions: Machine Wash at 40 Celsius

Why do people love it? 

  • Its 100% cotton cover does deliver in being both cosy and breathable at the same time. 
  • Similarly, it is non-synthetic so it will not pill over time. 
  • It is easy to roll up for either storage or travel. 

Why do people dislike it? 

  • For sleepers who tend to toss and turn all night, the duvet may make a little noise. 
  • It may not be the best for people who would like extra pressure on their bodies as they sleep. 

Simba’s Smartfill Duvet promises a comfortable, yet premium, sleeping experience. The fibres included in its Smartfill inner material is tried and tested to ensure air circulation, temperature control, and form maintenance. Its reported weight on Amazon is 1.9kg, which is not particularly heavy on the body. 

All its fibres are also recycled in line with Simba’s commitment to sustainability. According to their website, siliconised fibres come from used plastic bottles that have been sanitized and repurposed to become inner material. This process has been Standard Certified. 

Best Fleece Duvet: Silentnight Teddy Waffle Fleece Duvet 

Prices: 21.99 GBP (Single), 29.99 GBP (Double), 32.99 GBP (King), 34.99 GBP (Super King) 

Material: Polyester and Fleece Cover 

Care Instructions: Machine Wash at 30 C 

Why do people love it? 

  • It is a set that comes with pillowcases on top of the duvet. 
  • The polyester fleece delivers on softness and comfort. 

Why do people dislike it? 

  • Some of the colours are not accurate to the advertisements. 
  • The button poppers tend to fall off, losing a little security when securing it by the covers. 

The Silentnight Teddy Waffle Fleece Duvet comes in the most premium-looking colours the market has ever seen, such as charcoal, champagne, and platinum. Beyond its luxurious feel for such a reasonable price, it also is designed to improve one’s sleep. Its build and material are the best for sleepers who are in colder areas. Its fleece brings comfort as you wrap the duvet around your whole body. 

Best Duck-Feather Duvet: Snuggledown Duck Feather & Down Duvet  

Price: 38.22 GBP (Single), 42.54 GBP (Double), 51.99 GBP (King) 

Material: 85% Duck Feather and 15% Duck Down, 100% Cover 

Care Instructions: Machine Washable at 40 C 

Why do people love it? 

  • Unlike other 10.5 TOG duvets, it does not end up feeling flat even after constant use. 
  • It is quite easy on the skin through its comfortable and non-scratchy texture. 

Why do people dislike it? 

  • Some customers encountered defective products which include but were not limited to loose stitches and inconsistent feather filling. 
  • The duvet may be a bit noisy and disruptive because of the feather filling. 

This duvet comes in other materials, such as Goose Feather Filling, Hungarian Goose Feather Filling, and even Classic Hollow Fibres. You can also buy it in a set if you opt to include matching pillowcases.  

According to Snuggledown’s Amazon page, this was deliberately tried and tested to ensure a comfortable experience even if you are sharing the duvet with other people. The Duck Feather filling aims to provide structure to the duvet, while Duck Down offsets any rough firmness. 

This set also comes with two medium-support pillows that aim to align your head, neck, and spine – mitigating muscle pains that prevent people from waking up well in the morning. 

In summary… 

Sleep Science is certain that these are all fantastic picks for your next duvet, but this is ultimately down to what you personally think is right for you. It would not hurt to revisit all the information found in this article at various parts of the shopping process. Rethinking what you personally would like and be willing to spend your money on is necessary to be at peace with your purchase every night. 

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