Amazon Best Hybrid Mattresses 2021

Here at Sleep Science, we are greatly dedicated to helping you improve your sleep. You have probably heard of the spring mattress and the memory foam mattress, now it is time to be introduced to the hybrid mattress.

A hybrid mattress marries different layers to maximize ergonomic support and comfort every time you sleep. Oftentimes, its layers are composed of:

  • Base: This is the layer that is expected to bring form and sturdiness to the overall mattress.
  • Support: This is the layer that is primarily responsible for taking the shape of your body. It is often the thickest and contains the springs we would normally find in traditional spring mattresses.
  • Comfort: This is the layer that prevents the Support and Base from bringing discomfort to you. It is often memory foam that envelops your body and frame.
  • Pillow: This is not present in all hybrid mattresses, but it is often a thin layer that supplements the comfort layer.

So what separates hybrid mattresses from memory foam mattresses and other similar products?

  • It is deemed as a tad more “bouncy” compared to memory foam mattresses. This is often comparable to how spring mattresses feel.
  • As it is still part memory foam, though, it still takes the shape of your side and back depending on your sleeping position. It gets quite sturdy regardless of your weight.

So at this point, you may or may not be ready to purchase the hybrid mattress of your dreams. Which brands are good? What’s the standard price for one? In the interest of helping out the consumer buy the best sleep products for them, we have compiled some of the best hybrid mattresses. Perhaps, once you’ve decided which one has the best value, you can head on over to Amazon and purchase one.

How did we review these mattresses?

  • Ergonomic Support: The mattresses were reviewed by sleepers from all walks of life — back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers — to assess whether or not the mattress aptly provides support to their body.
  • Comfort: Comfort is king, and for this test, sleepers had to write down how comfortable using the hybrid mattress was throughout the evening. Whether the material was itchy or if the memory foam hugged their form for zero disturbance while they slept.
  • Durability: Unfortunately, it is true that some mattresses tend to wear and tear even just days after unboxing. We wanted to test if our chosen roster would have some durability issues from the onset.
  • Price: Lastly, price. We here at Sleep Science always tend to put this part of the criteria last because whether or not the price of a commodity is acceptable is dependent on how much value does the product bring into our lives. So, when looking at these hybrid foam mattresses, always ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Let’s get to discussing the products now.

Sleep Science Awards

Per Product Review of Each Hybrid Mattress

Best Price: Vesgantti Argentum Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: £154.99 (Single)
  • Available Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super King
  • Available Firmness Levels: Medium

First up on our list is the best one for people who are shopping on a budget. Vesgantti’s Hybrid Mattress does provide a reasonable amount of comfort and ergonomic support while being priced well below 200 quid.

Its product name comes from the Argentum fabric that was used to construct it. It provides a luxurious feel through having natural antibacterial properties, giving you a cleaner bedtime experience.

If your concern is comfort, it delivers in that regard as well. This hybrid mattress contains a layer of 19cm pocket springs that allows you to be supported no matter what position you tend to sleep in.

Best Comfort: Sweetnight Breathable Hybrid Mattress 

  • Price: £199.00 (Single)
  • Available Sizes: Single, Double, King
  • Available Firmness Levels: Medium

The Sweetnight “Twilight” Hybrid Mattress is one of the mattress brand’s most comfortable products. The mattress has a firmness score of 7.5 out of 10, which is above the average firmness of some of the most popular mattresses on the UK market. This simply means that this mattress is best for those who need extra support without sacrificing comfort. This could range from side sleepers to people who need their backs to be a tad flatter when they are sleeping.

To offset any potential discomfort, the mattress layers are made to maximize comfort through thermal control. One of its layers contains a material called “Air-flow, high-density foam”, which is responsible for its bouncy and breathable feel. 

The only downside is that the mattress does not necessarily perform the best when it comes to motion disturbance. It is quite possible that if you were to share the bed with someone who moves around in the middle of the night, you may or may not feel it.

Best Ergonomic Support: Inofia Sleep Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

  • Price: £199.99 (Single)
  • Available Sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King
  • Available Firmness Levels: Medium

The Inofia Sleep Memory Foam Sprung Mattress is one of their best hybrids. It has a notable hybrid layer construction with foam that easily takes the shape of the body that is applying pressure to it. The hybrid mattress boasts a perfectly balanced feel wherein the bounce from the springs and the comfort from the memory foam are both at equilibrium for maximum support every time you sleep.

Most people experience issues with hybrid mattresses due to a lack of support when pressure is applied to the perimeter of the mattress. This is not the case with this Inofia mattress. The quality of each layer is consistent throughout, which means that even if you sleep on the edges or share the bed with someone else, you’ll be getting the support you need.

Best Overall: Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress

  • Price: £347.75 (Single)
  • Available Sizes: Single, Small Double, Queen, King, Super King
  • Available Firmness Levels: Medium, but subject to change depending on the number of layers you ordered

Awarded and acclaimed by T3, Simba’s Hybrid Mattress promises great comfort, ergonomic support, and durability. In its five-layer variant, you can find its removable cover, Simbatex comfort layer, cone spring layer, reflex support layer, and foam base with seven areas for high-density support.

This mattress comes with different properties and features that will definitely be value-adding to your sleep experience. For one, the Simbatex and cone spring layer contribute to making the mattress less stuffy and warm.

So while it does sit on the pricier side of the mattresses in this article, its material and accolades are a testament to its overall value. If you have some extra quid to spare, this is definitely the mattress you ought to look into.

In summary…

We here at Sleep Science are certain that all of these hybrid mattresses are some of the best on the market. For people who cannot decide between some of the UK’s best spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses, looking into these four could be your best bet. 

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